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500 Hottest Jobs Cannabis - EBook 1500 Hottest Jobs ​​​​​​​ EBook  

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500 Hottest EBook Released From

Utilizing their vast network of experts and companies, Green Flower has launched a new e-book, “500 Hottest ,” available now for free .

Authored by the editorial team, this new free e-book is designed to help professionals and job-seekers alike to learn about the diverse job categories and opportunities that are accessible right now in the rapidly industry.

The 500 Hottest features an overview of the job market; a compilation of 500 of the hottest jobs in today; a to the needed to succeed in cannabis and, lastly, an introduction on getting cannabis certified.

Readers have access to valuable information and may be pleasantly surprised by how professionally diverse the industry is. The sectors overviewed include: accounting and finance; business; lobbying; manufacturing; marketing; cultivation; retail among many others.

“The is growing more rapidly than some of today’s fastest-growing fields,” noted Max Simon, CEO . “People simply don’t realize how much opportunity there is to get really . And not just about growing, as there are incredible opportunities for scientists, attorneys, accountants, technicians, marketing experts and many more. Our new e-book is designed to be a great resource to those who are interested in learning more about the many, many possibilities that are currently available.”

The highlight of 500 Hottest Cannabis Jobs e-book is Green Flower’s detailed list of over 500 different job categories in today. An extensive list of the enormous range of interesting and specialized jobs that are available now in the growing global .

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About Green Flower:
Established in 2014, Ventura-based Green Flower is the world’s largest cannabis platform, with 600+ affiliates to date. Dedicated to introducing only trusted cannabis knowledge, the platform boasts over 1,000 hours of high-quality content featuring 600+ top experts, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and thought-leaders. Serving both consumers and professionals, Green Flower is the go-to platform for understanding every aspect of cannabis today.

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