Endocannabinoids – The Brain and Body’s Marijuana and Beyond – Marijuana Human Body Brain and Testes (2005)


Endocannabinoids - The Brain and Body's Marijuana and Beyond - Marijuana Human Body Brain and Testes (2005)Endos – The Brain and Body’s and Beyond – Human Body Brain and Testes (2005)

Over the past decade, there have been major advances in understanding the mechanisms whereby interacts with the brain in producing psychoactive and potentially therapeutic effects. The discovery of specific gene coding for receptors activated by smoking ,  and the finding of endogenous s, which also activate the receptors, have transformed research into mainstream science with significant implications in human and disease

Endos: The Brain and Body’s and Beyond documentsadvances in the discovery and functioning of naturally occurring -like substances in human biology. It explores recent findings  that point to the existence of an endo physiological control system (EPCS) that directly impacts human development, , and disease. While effects on the brain have received the greatest attention throughout the literature, this work looks at research on the endogenous system’s association across all of human physiology, including the immune, endocrine, and s.

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With thoroughly researched and exceptionally insightful contributions from more than three-dozen top-flight researchers representing a cross-section of disciplines from  molecular biology, genetics, and   to gynecology, physiology, and pharmacology, this work explores a range of topics as wide as the human body is complex. These topics include the EPCS’s  relation to cell development and regulation, CNS function, immune function modulation, reproduction, and digestion, as well as its function in mental illness, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.

The final section in the book considers the significance of endogenous s found in some of the simplest multicellular organisms in the animal kingdom, as well as in mammalian cells at the earliest stages of development, all of which suggests that they play a fundamental role in human biology.

Enos: The Brain and Body’s and Beyond explores areas that few books have ventured into, providing cutting-edge information that will ultimately help us better understand human biology at the systemic and perhaps even cellular level, as well as lead to the development of a whole new range of medications.

Table of Contents

Historical Aspects and Chemistry
Look Back in Ananda―Years of Research on s: R Mechoulam
The Relationship between Endo Conformation and Endo Interaction at the Receptors: Patricia H Reggio

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Receptor Genetics and Signal Transduction
Endo Receptor Genetics and Use: Emmanuel S Onaivi, Hiroki Ishiguro, Ping Wu Zhang, Zhicheng Lin, Babatunde E Akinshola, Claire M Leonard, Sanika S Chirwa, Jianping Gong and George R Uhl
Endos and Intracellular Signaling: Sean D McAllister and Mary E Abood
Endos as Retrograde Messengers in Synaptic Transmission: Saori Oka, Yoshio Ishima, Keizo Waku, and Takayuki Sugiura
Non-CB1, Non-CB2 Receptors for Endos: Vincenzo Di Marzo and Luciano De Petrocellis

Biochemistry of the Endo System
Occurrence, Biosynthesis, and Metabolism of Endos: Takayuki Sugiura, Saori Oka, Shinobu Ikeda, and Keizo Waku
Endos and Eicosanoids: All in the Family: Sumner Burstein

Endos in CNS Physiology
Synthetic : Endo Modulation of SynapticTransmission and Implications for the Regulation of Synaptic Plasticity: Alexander F Hoffman and Carl R Lupica
s and the Central Serotonergic System: Marisela Morales
Endos and Dopamine-Related Functions in the CNS: Javier Fernández-Ruiz, Rosario de Miguel, Mariluz Hernández, Maribel Cebeira, and José A Ramos
Pharmacology of the Oxidative Metabolites of Endos: Ruth A Ross
Behavioral Effects of Endos :Marie-Hélène Thiébot, Frédérique Chaperon, Ester Fride, and Emmanuel S Onaivi

Endos in CNS Pathology
Neuroprotection: Glutamate and Endos : Harald S Hansen, Gitte Petersen, and Henrik H Hansen
Neuropsychiatry: Schizophrenia, Depression, and Anxiety: Ester Fride and Ethan Russo
The Role of Endos in the Development, Progression, and of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Michelle Glass

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Endos in Peripheral Organ Systems
Endos and Gastrointestinal Function: Nissar A Darmani
Endos and the Cardiovascular System: Michael D Randall
Endos in Inflammation and Immune Response: Evgeny V Berdyshev
Involvement of the Endo System in Cancer: Mauro Maccarrone
Endos and Endocrine Function: Laura L Murphy
Endos in Fertilization, Pregnancy, and Development: Herbert Schuel and Lani J Burkman

Endo Phylogenetics
Distribution of Endos and Their Receptors and Enzymes on the Tree of Life
Endo-Based Molecules as Potential Therapeutic s: Alessia Ligresti and Vincenzo Di Marzo

Endos - The Brain and Body's and Beyond - Human Body Brain and Testes (2005)
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