Many users of this strain, consider the strain of to be perfect for producing a plant whose smoke is thought to be high energy, with an inclination for users of this strain to feel more social. This actually makes it great for those who experience social anxiety and is generally considered to be one of the medical s.

is a superior blend of selective heredity between the popular s of Royal Medic and Shark Shock. Royal Medic is a strain of that owes the majority of its to the Juanita la Lagrimosa and is recognized as one of the high CBD strains and those have been passed on to . Shark Shock is a strain that has been a flourishing champion of the Cup since the late 1990s and it is a tremendously hardy grower. You will find those qualities are ever present in the strain.

CBD is an abbreviation for , which is often great for combating medical conditions such as Crohn’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Those who suffer from medical conditions that induce pain and discomfort, often turn to strains of that are known to be higher in CBD. inherited this high CBD and contains more CBD than it does THC but, the percentages are pretty close at 10% and 9% respectively.

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’s genetic background thoroughly infuses this strain of with a sweet and particularly fruity scent that continues on into the taste for quite a pleasant smoke. Being that it is 20 percent Sativa and 80 percent Indica, there is more of a euphoric mood that does not encourage sleepiness but is great for pain and nervous tension relief. This makes for great medical . It is a short to average size plant reaching heights outdoors of 100 to 140 cm. With indoor heights established at 60 to 100 cm, due to the high percentage of Indica which are in general, shorter and stockier plants.

The yield produced by this plant is quite nice from the Indica structure. You will time and again find indoor and outdoor yields of 400 to as much as 450 grams, per dried plant with no more than an 8 week flowering period! Not bad for medical marijuana where you might find competitor strains requiring as much as 10 weeks to flower!

might be encountered depending on your frequency of use. Be sure to browse the enormous selections at to find the medical that produce a plant with the specific high that you need. is certainly one of the CBD strains. These are known to produce anti-anxiety and even anti-inflammatory reactions to those who use it. This is without having to endure a heavy couched or locked down feeling that is associated with some competitor strains. Anytime levels of CBD are found to be over 4%, this is considered to be a high amount. , contains 7% CBD.

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Data Sheet

  • THC: 9%
  • CBD: High
  • Yield Indoor : 450 – 500 gr/m2
  • Yield Outdoor: 450 – 500 gr/plant
  • Height Indoor: 60 – 100 cm
  • Height Outdoor: 120 – 150 cm
  • Flowering: 8 weeks
  • month: Early October
  • Genetic Background: Great White Shark x CBD dominant plant
  • Type: Sa 20% In 80% Ru 0%
  • Effect: A motivating and inspiring feeling
  • Climate: Mild

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