Guide for choosing your marijuana strain


Guide for choosing your marijuana strainGuide for choosing your

A guide for choosing your strain according to yields, ing time, THC content, awards…

High yielding cannabis strains

Qleaner from TGA Subcool
Qleaner from TGA Subcool

Productivity of plants is one of the most frequently desired traits by . During the last years, yields have been improved thanks to successive selections and hybrids made by many breeders ( producers).

What are the strains with best yields?

High yielding strains are normally Indica dominant plants with compact structure and tight buds. These plants are ready to harvest after 7-9 weeks of ing, although they may need a more prolonged vegging period than plants with Sativa dominance.

Industrial Plant from Monster from Eva s, Critical Kush from Barney’s Farm,  White Widow x Big Bud from Female s, or Milky Way from Kiwi s are some of the most productive feminised .

On the other hand, we can also find high yielding Indicas in regular form: Bella Ciao from Tiki or NL5/Afghan from Mr Nice are a good example!

Session from Reggae Seeds
Session from Reggae s

Of course, a number of mostly  are also top yielders, as for example feminized vairieties like Moby Dick 2 from , Easy Haze from Philosopher s, Grapefruit from Female s or Wombat from Blim Burn s.

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In the regular range we can find varieties like Bambata from Tiki s or Session from Reggae s.

There are other balanced Indica-Sativa hybrids with amazing yields, as for example Critical Jack from and Big Foot from Sweet s (both feminised) or Agent Orange from TGA Subcool (regular s).

Still, and as we already know, yields mainly depend on phenotypes (individual plants) rather than genotypes (varieties). Thus, the best option to ensure constant and stable production is to select the best phenotype within a batch of s and take cuttings from it. In this way we can keep a mother plant from which to take clones and have always the same excact results (as long as growing conditions are always the same).

Is Big Bud the highest yielding strain?

Haze hybrid from Mr. Nice Seeds

Haze hybrid from Mr. Nice s

The famous Big Bud strain was highly acclaimed at the end of the 90’s due to its extraordinary yields.

Over time Big Bud was improved by breeder Shantibaba, who crossed this variety with Skunk#1 mainly for improving the . The result of this cross was the renowned  strain, available in regular form from Mr Nice s.  has created the feminised version of this variety, called Critical+.

/ Critical+ isn’t necessarily the highest yielding  strain, but another strong point of this variety is its fast bloom (approximately 7 weeks). This particular trait, of course combined with yields, explains the great success of this strain, apart from its intense, delicious and sweet .

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Automatic s for high productivity?

Buds from TGA Subcool Seeds

Buds from TGA Subcool s

Automatic – also called autoing –  strains will always have lower yields than “standard” ones. In this way, this type of s won’t be the ideal ones to get abundant yields since it’s not possible to trigger their ing according to high productivity.

However, if you want to grow this type of genetics, the 3th generation of automatic varieties from Sweet s seems to be the most suited for growing indoors, with strains like Big Devil XL Auto or Jack 47 Auto.

Other auto-ing  strains that may interest growers looking for high yields are: Moby Dick Auto from , Think Different marijuana from Dutch Passion or Big Low from s of Life.

There are also XXL automatic varieties, which often offer higher yields than conventional autos although their complete life cycle is slighty longer. Among this type of strains we can find Maxi Gom or Haze Gom from Grassomatic.

We wish you bountiful harvests!

Easy Haze from Philospher Seeds

Easy Haze from Philospher s

Agent Orange cannabis plants

Agent Orange plants

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