Urine tests: How long can THC metabolites be detected in urine?


Urine tests tests: How long can be detected in ?

Ellis and colleagues

tests: The ry excretion patterns of 86 chronic cannabis users were examined after their last cannabis use by two common screening methods (…). We demonstrated that under very strictly supervised abstinence, chronic users can have positive results for s in (…) for as many as 46 consecutive days from admission, and can take as many as 77 days to drop below the cut-off calibrator for 10 consecutive days. For all subjects, the mean excretion time was 27 days (…). Demographic, body type, and drug history variables proved to be only moderate predictors of excretion patterns.”

Ellis GM Jr Mann MA Judson BA Schramm NT Tashchian A. Excretion patterns of cannabinoid metabolites after last use in a group of chronic users. Clin Pharmacol Ther 1985;38(5):572-578.

Rolf Aderjahn

Excretion of THC and its s in chronic users can be found in the range of 4-6 weeks. In the literature a 10 year long intensive cannabis use was reported to result in detection of use after 77 days with common tests. With single or occasional use excretion in is rarely short (some hours), usually it lasts for 3-5 days.

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Aderjahn R. Toxikologischer Cannabisnachweis [Toxicological cannabis detection]. In:  Berghaus G, Krüger HP, eds. Cannabis im Straßenverkehr [Cannabis in road traffic]. Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer, 1998.

Coleman en Baselt

OBJECTIVE: We have become aware of several commercial products that, when orally ingested, will purportedly not only eliminate “toxins” from a person’s system, but will also correct any ry imbalances caused by excessive water consumption.

METHOD: Unblinded study of one volunteer subject, tested weekly x 4 for 24-hour elimination of test drug under conditions of control, control plus 1200 ml water, Quick Flush, and Eliminator.

RESULTS: Each of the treatment protocols studied caused reductions of drug or concentrations as measured by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in specimens (…), yet the radioimmunoassay screening results demonstrated very little effect. Water alone was approximately as effective as the two commercial products in reducing the level. None of the treatment protocols employed in this study altered ry pH, specific gravity, or creatinine concentration outside the normally accepted physiological range.

CONCLUSIONS: Attempts to conceal drug abuse by water dilution are most likely to play a substantial role when concentrations are at or near the detection threshold for a particular assay such as the terminal stages of drug eliminations.

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Coleman DE Baselt RC. Efficacy of two commercial products for altering results. J Toxicol Clin Toxicol (1997) 35(6):637-642.


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